About Ron Singer

I have been a resident of Brantford, Ontario since 1990.  Prior to living in Brantford I lived in Hamilton, Caledonia and York (a rural area between Caledonia and Cayuga).

Being a Delaware Band Member registered on Six Nations of the Grand I have a keen interest in my heritage and like to keep up to date with current issues on Six Nations and things affecting Indigenous persons.

I have worked in retail, industrial labour, policing & security, retail loss prevention and as a business person owning businesses providing Legal Support Services.  I have a good knowledge of both Criminal & Civil Law.  I actually wanted to become an electrician when I was growing up but it never happened.  I did learn from others & by observing gaining the knowledge  to wire a house and do many other things in that field.  Telephones and related technology have always fascinated me and currently is part of my hobbies.

Now that I am retired I am able to volunteer to make a difference in my community.  I am involved with organizations that have a real impact on our community and am always up to a good challenge.  I do like to take on a mission to organize and build partnerships.  I am at my best when I am able to feel proud of the people working with me.  This is the real reward in volunteering.